Gratitude - John Peter is Here

John Peter

I write this post with deep gratitude. We were relieved to hear that our grandson's orphanage survived the Haitian earthquake, though like everyone else, they were affected by a lack of resources for food and water.

Jesse and Amy began the adoption process almost 3 years ago. They did not know if the adoption would actually come to fruition due to government regulations. The earthquake sped up the process. Yesterday Jesse flew to Orlando to pick up John Peter and returned home late last night. 

Jesse and Amy have 4 other children: Emma, 8 years, Vivian (adopted from Haiti at birth) is 6 years, Tess is 6 years, and Liam is 10 months.


  1. This is the message Terry wrote to our family:

    We have a new grandson, John Peter, age 3, arrived from Haiti to Orlando to South Bend last evening safe and sound. He’s playing in the living room now with Jesse and Amy. His sisters are delighted. Liam, about 9 months, has a big brother. Doctor’s visit and lots of health tests come next. J.P. slept for twelve hours in his new bed last night. He’s smiley and affable and speaking Creole. Jesse and Amy are wavering between happy, relieved, and overwhelmed.

    Please forward this to others.

    Thanks and lots of love!


  2. What a beautiful story. I am so happy for everyone involved. He is a lucky baby and very beautiful!
    Love Patti

  3. He has the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen...what a beautiful boy!

  4. Dear Susan,
    Wow! Congratulations! What an amazing story and beautiful baby! I am thrilled and grateful to hear miracles from such a tragic event. Sending my best wishes for a long, healthy, happy life for this little boy.
    Love, Rachel Wallace Reid