Clap games to flex brain neurons

Clap games! I think this is a gigantuous way to have fun and flex brain neurons. Plus it's a great way to expend energy when it's too cold or hot to go outside. 

A clapping game is (usually) a cooperative non-competitive game for all ages which is generally played by two players and involves clapping as an accompaniment to singing or reciting a rhyme. 

Learn, then teach your child or grandchild clap games. Or ask them to teach you. Chances are they know one. 

Besides the two games above, here are others:

(This is a fairly straightforward hand clap, more of a chant than a song.)

Double, double this this

Double, double that that

Double this

Double that

Double, double this that

On the word:

Double - hands fisted, touch knuckles

this - partners clap palms

that - partners clap back of hands


1. Miss Mary Mac, Mac, Mac

All dressed in black, black, black,

With silver buttons, buttons, buttons,

All down her back, back, back.

2. She asked her mother, mother, mother,

For fifteen cents, cents, cents,

To see the elephant, elephant, elephant,

Jump over the fence, fence, fence.

3. He jumped so high, high, high,

He reached the sky, sky, sky,

And didn't come back, back, back,

Till the Fourth of July, ly, ly.

Action 1: Chant rhyme doing the following actions on the last three words of each line.

Mac - slap knees

Mac - clap own hands

Mac - clap partner's hands

Action 2:

Miss - cross arms and slap own shoulders

Mar - uncross arms and slap thighs

y - clap own hands

Mac - clap right hand with partner

(pause) - clap own hands

Mac - clap left hand with partner

(pause) - clap own hands

Mac - clap partner's hands

Continue the sequence (action 1 or action 2) for remaining verses.