Practicing gratitude as a way to transform what I feel and experience

Image: "An angel lost her halo. Sometimes angels get grumpy." 
Kate, 4 years young, 2004. Dublin Montessori Academy.

This week someone texted me their gratitudes. The message ends with, "What are you grateful for?" So I write and send mine out to a handful of friends who start writing theirs and sending them to friends. 

The idea is to practice living from what is beautiful in this moment and calling attention to it as a way to live.

Today I am grateful for:

Snow in Texas.

A graceful bending white orchid stem, the flowers look like smiling faces.

Young children and their innate ability to be present.

Remembering to write what kids said in the preschool classroom today so that I enjoy their insights later.

Email exchanges with friends.

This gratitude tool to help change my perspective.

A hairbrush last night and a big laugh with Terry before it.

Hair to brush.

Jan's yoga class, her gentle voice and comment that this might be a homemade soup day.

Fresh kale to put in my vegetable soup.

Late afternoon walks with my husband.

The soar of a Cooper's Hawk.

Shredded beets on my salad.

All types of shadows (reflections) and their metaphoric reminder that every person holds a mirror of teaching to me.

Cleaned out files in preparation for tax filing.

Remembering my cell phone when I headed out yesterday so I could answer a call.

Kittycat Nesta's antics as she plops herself on top of papers I'm sorting and causes a pause and connection to my breath as I notice her slow blink.

What are you grateful for today?