Where's the love and how do we send it?

I gather with a community of trusted friends to explore how to relate to personal experiences using the inspired stories of wise others. Recently, I was struck by the various ways we reflect on, respond to, and connect with those experiences and others. 

We can learn from each other when we share our responses to questions. Our responses vary! One reason they do is that we have different personalities that affect how we relate to the world. 

Here's an example. 

This half-minute video came up on my iPhone yesterday as a memory from seven years ago. Two young boys and their mom send well-wishes.

One child easily leans in to respond to his mom's request to send Grammie some love. His brother, who relates to the world in another way, cannot fathom where love resides specifically and, if he did know, how it travels through the phone to Texas, where I was living. 

"Something's missing! Where's the love and how do we send it?" he asks.

I can hear a favorite teacher respond, "Good question," before showing one of thousands of ways to recognize and understand our innate nature of love and kindness.