Settling my mind and body to see through the eyes of another

I was trying to think of a way to describe the two experiences of Talk + Listen (my practice for talking openly and listening empathetically), and it began to rain. 

Two things called for my attention.

A Sabal palm near the porch (have you ever heard raindrops on their fronds? It sounds like rain on a metal roof, one of my favorite sounds in the world.)

And a bird—a Great Egret on the pond edge.

I didn’t hear thunder, so I grabbed my camera, ran outside, and squatted behind the bird. I wanted to see the pond from Egret's view. Feeling calmed listening to the raindrops, I said wow and this is it, and thought, Birdie—are you sitting here in the rain to help me?

Because, oh gosh, I hope you get it when I say that Talk + Listen is like being with bird and looking at the pond drops from Egret’s view. To go a step further, I imagine that bird is a human someone not at all like me in appearance, behavior, or habits. Yeah, that different. It takes some practice to see life from another's view.

I crouch and settle. 

With Egret. With myself.

I'm relaxed. 

And alert. 

My gaze is soft.

I feel the rain on my head, hear the plopping drops, and feel the weight of my body. 

This is resting meditation. 

I realize that the Talk + Listen practice asks for a similar presence.