I think my state of mind matters. How and what I think creates my world.

I think I can meditate anywhere, anytime.

And that I need devoted practice. 

I think I can be happy anywhere, anytime.

I embrace impermanence and interdependence. 

I think empathetic listening might be a super-power that can save the world or at least a life. 

view life sort of as a classroom and any difficult person or experience as a teacher bringing a significant lesson.

I think failure is a pretty good teacher.

I admire artists. I highlight one in each post. I believe art flames a sense of wonder about being human and that artists are expressive in ways the world needs.

I aspire to walk slow enough to notice caterpillars spinning chrysalis' or dew-glistened spider webs casting diamonds in the sunlight. 

Sometimes when I'm at the airport, I have a thought to ask the manager to use the intercom just for one teeny moment to say, "Hello travelers. Wake up! Wake up! We need to listen to our youths."

I know from my son's passing, that just being with someone who has lost a beloved is comforting and helpful.