Tell your kids that they can grow their brain and intelligence

In the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success author Carol Dweck suggests that we tell our kids that they can grow their brains and get smarter. 

Dweck gave students a mini-neuroscience course on how their brain works with clear, affirming messages that the brain can grow smarter. "When they studied, they thought about those neurons forming new connections. When they worked hard in school, they actually visualized how their brain was growing." She noticed a change in kids' attitudes toward learning and their willingness to put forth the effort. Duke University psychologist, Steven Asher, adds, "Teaching children that they're in charge of their own intellectual growth motivates a child to work hard."

Using words like "you'll get there" or "you can do it" encourages kids to keep trying when they're struggling and reminds us that their brain neurons are firing.