Are you as curious as a fifth grader?

Dog Barking by Owen, 3 years old

There is a television game program called, "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" where adults are asked for answers to questions about science, history, geography, math, and literature that many fifth graders already know. 

What an intriguing question to ponder as I begin this blog. 

Well, what if the show asked children emotional intelligence questions or questions about their attitudes and approaches to experiences and others? 

What if the show's premise was curiosity—"Are you as curious as a fifth grader?" 

Or, brave as a fifth grader? Interested? Willing? Open? Adventurous? Inclusive? Flexible? Creative? 

I think that would be a fascinating game show.

And blog.  

So, I'll begin by stepping into the shoes of a curious child and simply share stories about my experiences and the things I'm learning and let this whole wonderment thing unfold.

The environment of this Wonderment place is important. Someone suggested that I create my blog space as a comforting place to be with my awed, wondering, and curious self. Forget that anyone will or should come to read what is posted. "Write for yourself," I decide. "Use this blog to reflect, remember, and document what happened and what you learned." 

Then let go. 

If anyone comes, okay. If not, okay. If you're here, thank you.

IMAGE: Owen drew "dog barking." That imaginative, colorful, quiet communication captivated me.

At his parent conference, the team teacher and I gave the drawing to his parents. One of the greatest joys of my career is parent conferences in the Montessori schools I've worked because they are occasions where I get to tell parents all the things I notice, appreciate, and admire about their children. I show their child's writings, drawings, my observational stories—especially relational kindnesses, and jotted quotes of things I heard their child say. This idea is not novel. I know personally that tenderness fosters openness and strength.

NOTE: I began this blog on August 16, 2009.