Love candle ritual: there is enough love for all

Image credit: Reindeer looking at snowflakes, Michael Hazelroth, 5 years young

The Love Candle Activity 


Large-size birthday or tapered candles, one for everyone in the family 
(It's fun but not necessary to decorate the tapers with colored wax before the Love Candle activity.) 

One large candle

Small paper plates, one for each candle, to catch drippings as the candle burns. (Make a small slit in the middle.)

A lighter or matches

The activity goes like this:

Each person holds an unlit taper.

One parent begins by lighting the large candle, “This candle represents all the love in the world (or the Source of love).”

The parent then lights her taper from that large candle and says, "This (the lit taper) represents all my love." 

Then the parent lights the other parent's candle with her taper and says, “I give all my love to you and then notices that her taper is still lit and says, “Oh look, I still have all my love to give.” 

The parent then lights each participant's candle, one at a time repeating those words. 

On other occasions the other parent or a child is the giver of light and love. 

Occasions to do this activity:

Holidays, especially birthdays, Thanksgiving, December holidays, New Year's Day

When a newborn sibling arrives home from the hospital. 
It helps older children better understand that parents have enough love for all family members. In a grander sense, it shows that we all have enough love for everyone. 

Other uses of the love candle:

For a birthday, as a candle is lit say to the birthday person, Something I like (or admire, love, or honor) about you is....” 

Make wishes from the lit large candle placed on a table. As each family member lights their taper, a wish is made and said out loud. Some wishes the children made in a preschool classroom: 

I wish someone can have their wish. 

I wish Kiwi birds survive because they are endangered. 
I wish my Mom and Dad could sleep in because they go to work so early. 
I wish peace for now for everyone. 
I wish for fun times for my friends. 

NOTE: Janice Mattina, my friend and the owner of Center Montessori School, Bradenton, FL taught me the Love Candle Ritual.