What do you remember about Seacamp?

Center Montessori School (Bradenton, Florida) middle school students recently traveled to Costa Rica for a habitat study field trip. Looking at the pictures posted on FaceBook reminds me of the first travel trip Center students took to Seacamp in the 80s. Seacamp is a research facility located on Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys.

Some memories:

Janice Mattina (director and teacher) arrives in flippers and a snorkel mask to wave us off

Cheering on Kate Wetterau's swim test! Before boating to the reef to dive, every student takes a swim test to prove their swimming ability.

Larry Mattacchione comes down with strep throat mid-trip and a trip to the medical clinic for antibiotics.

Sara Pasienza Bacchus' first dive to the bottom of the sea (about 12 feet). She shoots to the surface exclaiming, "You have to see this, it's a whole new world down here!"

Playing hide and go seek by burying our bodies in low tide muck.

Licking mangrove leaves to taste the salt to see how the tree is able in live in salt water.

Slowing for an alligator crossing the street on, of course, Alligator Alley.

Collecting live creatures to represent phyla. Studying and releasing them into the sea.

A student diving in the controlled outdoor area with shark and barracuda, pops up to the surface to call out for everyone to come in-- "The barracuda stripes are bright!"-- signaling that the barracuda are calm and not hungry!

What do you remember?

Explore the possibility of visiting Seacamp by clicking here.