Kids ask their friends for solution ideas to their problems

Image credit: Brooke hides behind the apron.
"I can't find anywhere to hide when I play hide and seek."

Problems, problems, problems. We all have them. Even kids. 

Often in circle or with a group of children I ask, "Are you having any problems you'd like to share?" Hands fly up! The children want to tell their problems. 

Simply saying a problem aloud helps: the teller hears the problem and gets it out. Expression lessens discomfort. 

After feelings are expressed, there's another way to help--invite solution ideas from others.

I ask, "Does anyone have ideas on how to solve this problem?"

Here are a few problems they shared followed by solutions their friends offer.
(The one with the problem listens and then either chooses a suggested solution to try for the week or names their own solution.)

I'm afraid of the dark when I go to sleep.

Get a flashlight.

Turn your nightlight on.
Close your eyes so you don't see the dark.
Keep the light on.
Think about your birthday.

Each time when I wake up and I have to feed my fish and when I do they bite my finger.

Tell Dad to feed the fish.
Stay away from fish.
Tell Mom you don't want to feed the fish.
Ask Mom to get a fish finger.
Put food in a cup and then pour into the fish tank.
Sprinkle food really fast.

Every night when I sleep I hear noises.

Get covers and cover ears with pillows.
Close the door and close the windows.
Go to someone's house and sleep.

Dad is playing Play Station and he has really loud volume.

Tell Dad not to play anymore.
Go downstairs and tell him to turn the volume down.
Tell Dad if he has it on loud.
Shut your door.
Shut doors in the basement and in your room.
Just try to go to sleep.

My brother keeps tricking me and he says he's going to give me something and he doesn't and I don't like it.

If he says he's going to give you something, walk away.
Say, "I'm disappointed."
Tell him, "I don't like it when you trick me. Please stop."
Go hide from him.