Making snow people

Miniature snow girl, all snow people made by Susan Barrett

There is so much snow this season. I thought I'd share a way to use snowballs. Make snow people!

Years ago while living in Columbus, Ohio, I started an annual "making snow people" tradition. I made little snow people on the bench outside our wall-sized window to delight and surprise my husband. Like this little snowgirl with a friendly stance. 

Here is a snow sculpture of my husband Terry and me. That smile is a red pepper. The hair? Beechwood tree leaves. Her scarf is an old pillow cover. Terry's hair is tiny pinecones. His beard, delicate stalks from the herb garden.

This snow lady was huge. I decided to build her on the edge of the ravine. The first ball I rolled fell over the edge. I took her picture and made cards of her image to write notes to the children at the Montessori school where I was a teacher. That made snow people show up at the kids' houses all over town.

I let Kittycat Nesta briefly check herself out as a snowcat. I sprinkled sunflower and other seeds around this snowcat. As an indoor cat, Nesta watched the birds that visited from inside.

My first Texas snow girl. I didn't stop at one. I made families of little snow people and named them after nieces and nephews. The snow only lasted until noon. The snow people were less than a foot tall. I found all those red leaves and berries in the yard! This is Sara.

Chrysanthemum-Girl melted as I built her. Her hair is from a bouquet on the kitchen table. She lasted less than an hour.

She had a brother.

Here's what the previous one looked like when melted. Such a reminder that everything changes. Even the parsley disappeared - munch munch said a rabbit.

I now live in Florida. 
No more snow people. 
But, here is a sand bird with a whelk beak.

A sand girl as I make it showing scale.

As for snow people, my grandkids are carrying forth the tradition.