She drew a house on her head


Mi pesado sombrero nocturno
Nanen, illustrator

"Let's imagine we can redesign our bodies. How might we look and function?"  

Nine-year old Erin bends over examining her knees. "I wish I had eyes on my knees." She begins to draw rectangle shapes for legs and adds elaborate eyes where the knees would be. She adds curly glasses.

"I would carry my house on my head,” says Rebecca.

“It would grow just above my eyes and be light as a feather. If I needed anything, I’d go upstairs to my bedroom and get it. A fire in the fireplace would keep me warm when I go to sleep at night.”

“Rebecca, you could make S’mores if you want a snack,” says a classmate.

Brian reads about a unique bay in the Caribbean where micro-organisms create a blue-green light in the water when agitated. He draws a person who looks like the sun. “That’s a bioluminescence glow for walking in the dark. I’m a walking flashlight.”

"How would you fall asleep at night if you’re glowing?" Erin asks.

"By being still."

(Center Montessori School, about 1984)