Snow in Texas! I build snowgirls, snowboys, and one snowcat

Snowboy Dylan, made by Susan today.
I think he has my grandson's eyes. Sunbeam hair.

Yesterday was treatment (I have cancer). After, I climbed into bed about three in the afternoon and slept until dinner. I woke an hour for soup and headed back to bed until 7:30 this morning. That’s a lot of sleep! 

I wake with a smile, feeling strong and fresh, and head for my chair to sit quietly for a while. The window blinds in our home pull down from the top and we keep them partway down to see trees all around. As I enter the room, I notice lines of white on the branches. It snowed!

I live in north Texas (USA). With luck, it snows once or twice a winter. It rarely lasts more than a few hours.

I quickly dress, head outdoors. I build snowboys and snowgirls. I use found natural materials from our garden. 

Snowgirl Gwen Monet

Snowgirl Isabel

Snowboy Maxwell

Snowgirl Brooke

Snowboy Ryan

The snow melts quickly. Impermanence. Transition. No snow left, and one more idea. Snowgirl Isabel becomes Snowcat Jeanne.

Snowcat Jeanne

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  1. Hooray for snowboys and snowgirls and snowbabies and snowcats. Your snowboy Maxwell reminds of a now-too-grown-up boy who could not go to preschool if he wasn't wearing a crocheted necklace.

    1. Max and his necklace! He sure loved to crochet. I think a shark's tooth was attached to his? Now that gives me an idea for the next snowfall, a Max Thesing type of snowboy. I can still see those kids sitting in a circle crocheting and talking at the end of the school year. Making with our hands is such an important activity. My leg muscles are still sore--I needed to crouch since they're only a foot tall!