A rainbow skip and post about kids' holiday energy and enough love to go around

Skipping Rainbow, Heng Swee Lim, artist. 

I feel like a skipping rainbow.

Today’s skips are in gratitude to Kelly McKenzieHer intent this holiday season is to don Santa’s cap and use her blog to introduce readers to new writers. Today she highlights my blog and (Wonder Anew) project

The blog post I chose is Kids' holiday energy and enough love to go around. I tell one of my favorite holiday rituals called The Love Candle. Kids (and their families) love it.


  1. Oh such a wonderful post. You are such a blessing - and what a brilliant teacher. I'd certainly have enjoyed being one of the kids soaking up your magic and love during your visit.

    1. Oh thank you, Deborah, for your visit and kind comment. Those kids sure bring the magic out. Warm wishes to you. xo

  2. That rainbow skipping looks so much fun, that I'll skip over to Kelly's and read the post now.