Practicing Facetime with a two year old

Dylan, 2 years young. 
This happens.

Dylan gets daughter Erin’s phone and Facetimes me. (He’s two and a half years young.) I see only his forehead on the telephone screen.

“Dylan is that you? I can’t see your eyes,” I say.

He moves the phone, now I see his eyes, his nose, and part of his mouth. I ask, “Are you calling me?”


That’s it. He says yeah and we sit there just breathing, being together for a minute, maybe two.

Then he presses the red end-call button and he's gone without saying goodbye.

That convention has yet to be learned, just like I have my own little lessons to work on. 


  1. But to Dylan, it must have been the perfect connection. A heart connection, a forehead connection: what difference does it make? ;-)

    1. I think it was a just right connection for both of us, Harmony. A precious moment. I like sitting with him saying nothing. We've built a relationship on that so far.

  2. Such a little poppet. He knows who to call. Who else would know to just stay silent? To just allow him to be. To allow him to just hang up on his own time?

    1. He is such a poppet. Oh, Kelly--thanks for seeing it as positive.