How do I get my child to stop eating cheese doodles? Oh no, I have to stop eating them?

Image: The Cocktail Party, 1992. Sandy Skoglund. Cheese Doodles embedded in epoxy resin, furniture, mannequins & live models. Life size installation.

A mom in our book study group asks, "How do I get my child to stop eating cheese doodles?" 

I wonder, "How does your child get the cheese doodles?" Well, to be more honest, my first thought is, "So I'm not the only one who tries not to eat fluorescent orange food."

The question reminds me again that I teach by example. If I don't want my child to eat cheese doodles, I decide not to eat them which means I don't buy them. 

I know that's not so easy to do.

Food issues becomes an enlivened topic. We decide that the first step we'll take in moving towards healthier eating is to look at and keep track of what we're eating. 

We ask ourselves:

What did I eat today?

Am I happy with the things I ate? If not, what would I like to change?

What foods did I prepare? Buy? 

We share our answers. 

We commit to research and read about food, and share what we learn at our next meeting (organics, high fructose corn syrup, additives, preservatives, and artificial colors). We will record what we eat each day for a week and bring it to our next book study.