From pat to pit to pot. Accelerated learning in a game.

Image Credit: Laura, 6 years young, Dublin Montessori Academy
Children love to play the transformation game!

I recall the first time I introduced this game to 4 - 6 year olds. 

A child who was not in this group watched from a distance. The next day she gleefully skipped into the classroom and handed me a transformation game she wrote at home. A picture of her work is above.

To play the game start with one word and make it into another by changing one sound (not one letter; some sounds have multiple letters). There are 4 ways to change the word. You can substitute, add, insert, or reverse a sound.

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  • (s) substitution (of one sound for another)
  • (a) addition (of one sound at the front or end of a word)
  • (i) insertion (of one sound within a word)
  • (r) reversal (of the sounds of a word)

The Words in Color Fidel is a chart of spellings for all the sounds.

Write the words in shapes, like the circle pictured. Or, use adding machine paper or lined paper like Laura does.

I've seen some L-O-N-G transformation games. Some keep use a rubber band around a roll of adding machine tape that holds their words. 

This is a fun road trip activity.