"No way, Mimi"


Three-year old Brooke’s Dad is setting up her toddler bed. Her brother Ryan is due in a few weeks and it’s time to transition Brooke out of the crib. The set up infringes on Brooke’s naptime so her mom asks Grandma Mimi if she’ll drive her around in the car for her nap. Mimi agrees.

“Brooke, let’s go for a ride,” Mimi says as they head out to the car. Brooke eagerly follows carrying her frog blanket.

“Where we going, Mimi?” asks Brooke. “For a ride,” says Mimi as she buckles her in.

Mimi starts the car and heads down the street to the main road. Brooke knows the neighborhood surroundings and asks again, “Where we going, Mimi?”

“Your Dad is putting your new bed together and you can’t take your nap there now. We’re going for a ride so you can take a nap in the car.”

“No way, Mimi,” Brooke states.

“Brooke,” says Mimi, “Close your eyes and go to sleep.”

“No way, Mimi.”

“Yes way, Brooke.”

Mimi drives for 15 minutes and Brooke looks out the window singing. No nap.

Mimi calls Brooke’s Dad, “Brooke isn’t napping.” He says, “Come back to the house. She can sleep in her crib.” Mimi turns the car around and heads back to the house.

“Where we going, Mimi?” asks Brooke.

“Back to the house so you can have a nap in your crib.”

“I don’t want to sleep in my crib,” cries Brooke.

“Then go to sleep,” says Mimi.

Brooke snaps her eyes shut and nods her head to the side of the car seat. Within minutes she’s asleep.