"Maybe that pink cloud is Grandma Dee," says Sadie

Holly slowly approaches a group of friends standing outside before yoga class. She tells us that her friend's Mom died yesterday.  

"We called her Grandma Dee. I told the girls and they had a lot to say about it.” Holly’s daughters, Sadie and Maggie, are 6 and 4 years old.

Holly continues, “Sadie started talking about Grandma Dee, wondering how she died. ‘Maybe she went to sleep and died. Maybe she went to the hospital, like under a blanket, and maybe she went to the graveyard.'"

Maggie listened to Sadie, paused, and added, "Maybe she went to be with Jesus so she can work with Mother Nature." 

“Maybe,” Sadie acknowledged. “Maybe the different colors in the sky are different things that died, like dogs die and fly up to the clouds and they are a color. Grandmothers might be the pink in the sky.”