More living with hummingbird vision

Hummingbird Painting #3, Rick Beerhorst, painter. 

I'm so happy to be guest-posting over at Project Underblog today! Project Underblog is a collaborative writing project founded by Christina C. Yother.

My post is about the startling experience I had with a hummingbird. That visit continues to influence the way I live in and view the world. The hummingbird visit taught me that despite whatever shows up in life, I have a choice about my response to it. 

I choose to ride life to the brim. I want to live full, honest, and with transparency. I want to cultivate an open mind and heart. I call it living with hummingbird vision.

I write about what I learn and notice. I seek opportunities to learn in community with others. 

As an example, right now I'm participating in a Liv Lane happening called Choosing Beauty. With some magnificent women, I'm sharing my story as I look for and record everyday, ordinary beauty. That means I get to see life from multiple perspectives.

Since I need a journal to record my daily gems, this is what I came up with.

My husband made and gave this to me when my son died (8 years ago). 

I had a grief box that held special memories of him along with this journal to write my feelings. Each day I'd open that box, cry, and write. Then I'd close the box and live my day. I was a Montessori preschool teacher at the time.

I admit to hesitation as I pulled the journal off the shelf to share. Then I saw this entry: “Why should I smile if there is no joy in me? TO PRACTICE.” There were no more entries after that. 

I think it’s time to fill it with beauty.

Hardship, challenge, and difficulty visit all of us. My current meditation is accepting that I live with an incurable cancer. Oh, and that I'm moving from Denton, Texas to Bradenton, Florida in the coming year. I'm practicing placing Texas friends I adore into my heart as I giddy-up into the Florida sunrise.